See What Clients are Saying?

My wife and I decided to put our house up for sale and asked Susan to be our agent. She came highly recommended by a friend. I could not thank him enough. Susan is as good and professional as it gets. My wife and I ran into a few roadblocks throughout the process. Susan kept us calm and had contacts to help resolve these issues. On the other end she helped us find exactly what we were looking for. She doesn’t waste her time or yours showing homes you aren’t going to like nor will she waste time showing your home to someone who will not be qualified to purchase it. Best part was how quick our sale and purchases happened. She was great from start to finish. You will be lucky to have her as your agent.
-Chad G. 

We cannot believe we are homeowners we owe it all to you! You were so incredible throughout the entire process going to each home and picking out things that were great or could have been a potential problem. You really taught us a lot you are great at what you do and we truly felt comfortable knowing that you were our realtor and we were taking care of thank you so much can't wait to send you pictures -Mike and Katie 

Thank you for all of your help with finding our new beautiful home. We can't thank you enough for all of your hard work selling our home and finding us a new one. What you have done for us is incredible thanks again -Jessica and Nate Susan,

 I can not thank you enough for your time and assistance. This new home is a new beginning and blessing to me and my children. -Shante 

Your professional services were impeccable not to mention you made our transaction smooth, with utmost valuable and reasonable time. –Martin Rios

“Susan is simply the best at what she does. Not only is she available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, but she made us feel like we were the only clients she had. Our questions and concerns became her questions and concerns, and she worked tirelessly to make sure our deal get done. Buying a home can be stressful and frustrating at times, but Susan’s support, knowledge and expertise really put our minds at ease during this process. We are so happy in our new home and have Susan to thank for that”.

-Rob and Corinne Tortorici

A few months ago I met with Susan Staffordsmith to list my home. I was absolutely impressed by all of her knowledge and strong work ethic! She took me through the whole process of listing, selling, inspections, walk throughs, and finally closing. Susan works extremely hard and has such a uniqueness about her I felt completely confident everything would work out fine. I put my complete trust in her and she never once let me down. Whatever questions I had about anything she always replied promptly. HER NAME EQUALS PROFESSIONALISM! Since my experience with Susan Staffordsmith I have highly recommended her to my relatives, neighbors, friends and co-workers!

-Dottie Wester

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in finding and purchasing our townhouse.

It wasn’t easy, given all the obstacles that were presented to us by the relocation company, but you handled each one as it came along and worked diligently to get this closed for us. Your aggressiveness and attention to detail were invaluable.

-Judy Lichtenfeld

Our story began about a year and a half ago when the real estate market in New Jersey was at its low.

We decided it was time to move out of state as we had planned for years. Our “sprinkler guy” was over servicing our system and we began talking about our plans. He asked if we had an agent and highly recommended Susan Stafford-Smith. Of course, her being with Century 21 was a plus and we called her for a listing appointment. I first called her on a Saturday afternoon and we discussed our plans. We met on Monday morning and she came totally prepared with a list of comps (about a mile long!) and had an answer to every question we asked. Within a half an hour of her time she sold us and we listed our home with her. We went through the home and she gently explained to us the things we had to change in our home to make it sell quickly. To make it brief, we went from a cozy, very personal home full of many colors to a plain, simple, model-like home that was ready to sell.

Back in the day, 20 years ago when our home was built, the builders put “rose” bathroom fixtures (toilet, sinks, shower and Jacuzzi) in it. To say the least, Susan wasn’t too thrilled with that. To boot, the ceramic tile also in the bathroom was “rose” (pink to be blunt)! We painted the room, which by the way was 12×18 in dimension, ‘wedgewood blue’. Needless to say this was one of Susan’s eye sores! She walked into that room and I wasn’t sure if she wanted to cry or scream! Immediately she had a solution to the color scheme. “BROWN” she said. I asked, “WHAT?” She said, “Brown, we have to change everything to brown.” I thought she meant we had to re-paint. Nope, she wanted me to get a brown shower curtain, accent rugs, towels, etc. Well, we weren’t too excited about that but we trusted her and off we went. To make a long story short, wow, I would have never thought that adding brown to pink and blue would actually look good but it did! For that I nicknamed her “Brownie”!

Brownie went through our home and totally transformed it! We went from personal to blank & brown in no time! She had us rearrange our furniture to create more open spaces to show the true size of rooms, she created a “spa-like” setting in our “pink & blue nightmare master bath”, she even had us empty our closets, or should I say clean them out, to show their size! Before we knew it we had a totally crisp, clutter-free model home ready for the market.

Susan spent over 5 hours with us in our home getting it prepared for the listing. She totally staged it better than I ever dreamed. She would take a simple candle and turn it into a beautiful arrangement with a few things laying around the house. It was finally ready to list.

Next were the showings, which we had many and always with a notice! No last minute knocks on the door, “Can we show your home NOW?” Susan took personal charge in the listing. Every showing went through her. I would get a call from her asking if we could show, never another realtor. We had ample time to prepare. When the house sold she held our hand through every process. The negotiating was a breeze, and before we knew it we were at closing.

Our home sold so fast! We owe it all to Susan! Her marketing skills, knowledge, compassion and commitment to her profession is why we were able to sell our over half million dollar home in under 2 months! We couldn’t have done it without her.

We moved half way across the country to Oklahoma. Because our NJ home sold so fast we were not able to find exactly what we wanted so we came out and bought a ‘temporary’ home. We’ve been out here a little over a year now and we found our dream land and are currently building. Our ‘temporary” home is now for sale. We had it listed with a realtor; we only had one showing in 6 months. I begged Susan to move here so she could work her magic for us again! Lucky for you she didn’t! If you are undecided of selling your home in this down market, Susan will get it done for you! We had our doubts in the very beginning because of the market but again because of her knowledge and commitment she got the job done! Through this whole process Brownie and I grew a friendship that, to this day, still exists. You won’t get that from just any Realtor!

-Mr. & Mrs. Burdick

I found the best realtor! I started looking online for a larger home to share with my Dad after my beloved Mother passed away. With the lucky click of a mouse, Susan Staffordsmith of Century 21, Action-Plus Realty came into my life, as if sent by an angel. Her cool head, dependability, and experience made all the difference during the most difficult time of my life, while selling and purchasing my homes, as I mourned the loss of my Mom.

Susan answered every question promptly along the way and helped keep everything progressing smoothly. She respectfully, calmly guided me and my family though the entire experience, advising us how to prepare our home for sale, and ultimately selling it in one day. In addition, she sold us our new home and literally helped us move in! Susan went way above and beyond the job description of a realtor!

Susan is a truly special businesswoman. I honestly wish I could tell every person in need of a real-estate agent that they absolutely MUST work with Susan Staffordsmith of Century 21, Action Plus Realty!

-Sandy Dechert

It’s been a month in our new house, and we could couldn’t be happier. We wanted to thank you for all your help over the past year in getting us to this point. Your flexibility, commitment most of all, the way in which you listened to what we were looking for, really made a difference in our search. If we had to do it all over again, the only thing we would change, was to have met you sooner. Once again, thank you so much for all your help.

-The Weiner family

Susan Staffordsmith is nothing short of WORLD CLASS and we could not have been more pleased with her services. In what we thought might be a tough sellers market, we should our home in less than 30 days. The guidance and direction we received from Susan was completely on the mark and we credit her for our success. She is diligent, extremely prompt with her replies, and truly listens to her clients. For all your hard work Susan and from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

-Mr. and Mrs. Quinn

Susan Staffordsmith is the best! She is professional, helpful & just a nice person. Century 21 is lucky to have Susan working for them.

-The Palmeri Family

I am so grateful for Susan and the PROFESSIONALISM she displayed and concern for my interests throughout the sale of my home. I have worked with other realtors and I can honestly say that Susan is the best! I can’t thank her enough for selling my home!

-Kate O’neill

Susan could not have handled our listing and sale in Jackson any better. The STAGING of our home was key to our photos and WEB presence. Susan always returned phone calls within a short period of time and gave us details on all our showings. She was the ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL. We can say enough about the job she did to get our home SOLD.

-Bruce & Maggie Scroger

Susan is great!!! We are absolutely thrilled with the entire process!!!

-The Lupo Family

We will be spending our first Thanksgiving & Christmas in our new home. We wanted to say THANK YOU for making this happen. Thank you for everything and thank you for your patience.

-Aaron & Nadine Exelbirt

You are the BEST! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us, and most of all for being too understanding of our situation from day one. We will always recommend you, and if possible in a few years when we move, we’ll definitely be calling you!

-Adam and Roxanne

Thank you so much for all that you did for us. We are in our DREAM house for a whole year and just can’t believe this home is ours. All of your hard worked helped us in so many ways. We wanted to say “THANK YOU” for guiding us and being a friend during the whole process. Your work will never be forgotten.

-Matt & Marianne

On behalf of Jackson Memorial High School Class of 2009, I would like to thank you for setting up our car wash fundraiser at the Century 21 parking lot on Memorial Day weekend. Our car wash was a huge success and we could not have done it without you!

We appreciate all the work you did in helping us set up the date, getting there early to see if we needed help with set up, checking on us throughout the day to make sure we didn’t need anything and for being so nice to us.

Thank again and we with you much success in your career at Century 21!

-Marissa Matyola 2009 Vice President & Matt Tetro 2009 Class President
Susan Staffordsmith
Susan Staffordsmith
Sales Executive